Important Announment

Fei Cui Standard Important Announment

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Tailor-made Basic Gemmology Training Course of Fei Cui and Diamond

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GAHK's Certification and Label Scheme Registered Laboratory

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CPD Programme and Fei Cui Certified Gemmologist Registration System

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Standard Methods for Testing Fei Cui for Hong Kong (HKSM/FCT-2016)

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Mr Kent SK Wong, Chairman

Mr Lau Hak Bun , Chairman

Mr Law Chi Kwong, President

Mr Ken Lo , President & Director

Mr Chui Wing Chung , President

Mrs Lee Tam Yee Lin , President

Mr Peter Chan , President

Mr Lee Chi Fong Honorary President Forever

Mr Sunny Y K Chan

Mr Wong Tat Wah , Honorary Permanent President

Dr Tang Kam Hung, Chairman

Mr Vincent Tse, Vice Chairman

Dr Dennis W. P. Ng, Chairman

Mr Ip Sio Kai President

Mr Stephen Tse

Ir Cheung Chin-Keung

Professor Cui Wenyuan

Dr Hu Chuyan Associate Professor

Mr Ruzwan Kamil

Ms Ke Jie

Dr Lore Kiefert

Dr Michael S. Krzemnicki

Professor Dr Ren Lu

Dr Lu Taijin

Dr Daniel Nyfeler

Dr Jack Ogden

Professor Qi Lijian

Professor Dr Qiu Zhili

Dr Dietmar Schwarz

Dr Yuri Shelementiev

Professor Dr Andy Shen

Professor Dr Shi Guanghai

Professor Wang Weiwei

Dr Pornsawat Wathanakul

Professor Dr Yang Mingxing

Professor Yuan Xinqiang

News & Activities

GAHK ISO/IEC 17025 Training Class

The webinar “GAHK ISO/IEC 17025 Training Class” hosted by The Gemmological Association of Hong Kong (GAHK) on 27 June 2020. This full day CPD event is the first webinar hosted by GAHK this year for ou..

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Tailor-made Basic Gemmology Training Course for the Customs & Excise Department

GAHK provides a Tailor-made Basic Gemmology Training Course of Fei Cui and Diamond to the Customs and Excise Department.Please click for more information..

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Internationalization of the Fei Cui Standard

Dr Shang I (Edward) Liu (left), Dr Gaetano Cavalieri (middle) and Mr Kent Wong (right) at the CIBJO Congress 2019 (Bahrain) A Fei Cui special session at the CIBJO congress 2019 (Bahrain) was held..

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