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CPD Programme and Diamond Certified Gemmologist Registration System


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an ongoing necessity in the ever-changing technological world in which we live. The practicing professional gemmologists have to remain competent throughout their working careers so that they can properly carry out various duties and roles in the ever-changing complex environment. To this end gemmologists need to take opportunities to update their knowledge and expertise and to develop those personal qualities required to fulfill their roles in industry and in professional community as well.

In line with the global trends of CPD in leading professional bodies and institutions, The Gemmological Association of Hong Kong (GAHK) has considered that there is a need of implementing the mandatory CPD requirements for “Certified Gemmologist” (C.G.) [認可鑑證師] on specific fields of gemstone testing to instill a sense of professional responsibility amongst gemmologists, to strengthen consumer’s confidence on gemstone identification and certification, and subsequently to uphold our reputation as a leading professional gemmological institution in Hong Kong.

GAHK announced the Mandatory CPD Requirements for Certified Gemmologists in August 2006. GAHK’s “Standard Methods for Testing Fei Cui (Jadeite Jade) for Hong Kong” (HKSM/JJT-2006) and “Standard Methods for Testing Diamond for Hong Kong” (HKSM/DT-2008) were adopted by the Custom and Excise Department as a key reference of the definition of the Fei Cui and Diamond in the Trade Descriptions (Provision of Information on Natural Fei Cui, Diamond) Order in 2009.

The “Standard Methods for Testing Fei Cui for Hong Kong” (HKSM/FCT-2016) was issued in 2016 and the Chinese version of the Standard namely as 香港翡翠標準測試方法 was published in 2018. In 2014 and 2019, the Specification of Competency Standards (SCS) for Testing, Inspection and Certification Industry and the second version of SCS for Jewellery Industry namely as珠寶業《能力標準說明》(第二版)with the Units of Competency (UoCs) of Testing and Certification were announced by the Secretariat of Hong Kong Qualification Framework which is a major initiative by HKSAR Government to support lifelong learning and to enhance the quality and competitiveness of the workforce.

In April 2020, GAHK announced the new Guidance Notes for Mandatory Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for Fei Cui & Diamond Certified Gemmologists.

Initial Registration for Certified Gemmologist on Diamond (C.G. Diamond) (Chinese: 認可鑽石鑑證師)
For the initial registration of Certified Gemmologist on Fei Cui, the candidate, who should be the Fellow Member of GAHK, has to complete the Essential Diamond Specific Training Courses which are recognized by GAHK and has progressively accumulated total 18 CPD-hour in the following areas in the past 24 months. The candidate is required to provide a complete description and record of the CPD activities/courses which he/she has attended in the past 24 months.
(i) Knowledge Update
A total of 9 CPD-hour, with a minimum of 4 CPD-hour on Fei Cui testing related activities, have to be accumulated in past 24 months. The attendance of “Essential CPD activities/events/programme” will be counted and considerably regarded in the course of registration.
(ii) Advanced Testing Instrument Update
Completion of the specific course of advanced testing equipment training on Diamond testing/grading. 
(iii) Understanding on ISO/IEC 17025 Laboratory Management System
Completion of the awareness seminars of ISO/IEC 17025 Laboratory Management System.

Referential information of the Essential Diamond Specific Training Course
The Essential Diamond Specific Training Course shall include, but not limited to, the following teaching and learning modules and activities:
A. Lecture based modules (classroom activities)
- Basic theory and concepts of diamond, synthetic diamonds and diamond treatments
- Set of visual examination skills and authenticity identification techniques that enable the learner to recognize the features related to diamond, synthetic diamonds, diamond simulant and imitations
- Classification of diamond types, synthetic diamonds and treated diamonds
- Basic principles of testing, authenticity identification and quality grading equipment of diamond
- The procedures of weight measurement (carat), colour grading, cut grading and clarity grading of polished diamonds and different grading systems
- The analysis of testing results, data and technical specifications when issuing diamond identification and grading reports or certificates
- The formats and contents of diamond identification and grading reports or certificates

B. Hands-on practical modules (classroom activities)
- Practice the authenticity identification and grading methods of test items of diamond including visual examination skills and identification techniques
- Use the basic hand-held testing tools and instruments to examine and identify the test item of diamond, diamond stimulus and imitations
- Understanding the operation principles of authenticity identification and grading equipment
- Production procedures of diamond identification and grading reports or certificates
- Practical sessions (in gem testing laboratory, if achievable)

C. Other non-classroom activities
- Onsite visit to gem or diamond testing laboratory, diamond and jewellery trade fairs
- Attend professional seminars, workshops or forums
- Self-learning with additional learning materials provided

D. Assessments and examination
- Coursework & assignment
- Practical assessment
- Written examination

Note: Course duration: at least 75 learning hours including lecture and hands-on practical sections, practical sessions in gem testing laboratory, practical assessment and assessment by written examination.

The Essential Diamond Specific Training Course recognized by GAHK 
The following courses are recognized as the Essential Diamond Specific Training Course. The GAHK Fellow Member, who has accumulate total 18 CPD-hour in the past 24 months and obtain the completion diploma/certificate, will be capable to apply the initial registration for Certified Gemmologist on Diamond. (Chinese: 認可鑽石鑑證師)

Gem-A Diamond Diploma, The Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A)

Graduate Diamonds Program, The Gemological Institute of America (GIA)

HRD Diamond Grading Programme, HRD Antwerp