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Celebrating the launch of the Fei Cui Standard Website—moving towards an International Standard

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Working Team Members

Professor Mimi Ouyang

Chief Academic Advisor and CPD Trainer, GAHK Chairlady (2013-15)

A/Prof. Dr Edward Liu

Project Specialist

Dr Norman Siu

Project Specialist

Mr Eddie Fan

Project Specialist

Mr KK Chow

GAHK Chairman (2015-17)

Mr Louis Lo

GAHK Chairman (2011-13)

Mr Johnson Li

Project Specialist

Mr Tommy Tsui

China Gems Laboratory Ltd

Ms Joanne Chan

Hong Kong Jade & Stone Laboratory Ltd

Ms Irene Leung

Steering Committee Member

Mrs Anne E. Carroll Marshall

International Affairs Team Member

Mr Edward Johnson

International Affairs Team Member

Ms Catherine Chan

General Manager, Hong Kong Jade & Stone Laboratory Ltd